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About Us

WeDiscoverGeeks was created in 2013 by Kat Mahoney who wanted to provide more education to parents, educators, and the community on the positive effects of today's video games, social media, and STEM Education. As a mother of three herself, two of which are high-functioning Autistic, and a Computer Science major and mental health speaker for military families, she believed the negative feedback of the new modern technology was simply due to the lack of information and even information overload. 


As Mrs. Mahoney began interviewing and discussing the educational aspects of games and play with professionals and educators, she started advocating more for Gamification and Edutainment in the classrooms and coined the term "S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) to a more balanced acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Makers, due to her positive experiences working with Architects and Designers in the Science industry. Her experience with the concept helped her own children overcome many educational and emotional obstacles that proved invaluable to their growth and development. 


Today, WeDiscoverGeeks is a team of creatives and cosplayers that work closely with many professionals, educators, and companies in all S.T.E.A.M-based, creative, and mental health fields to bring the community back on track to an environment where learning is finally fun and mentally positive in all areas of life. 

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Meet The Team

WeDiscoverGeeks is a team of contractors and volunteers who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment, and care deeply about what we do every day. Our unique development ensures that we have the very best team for a variety of educational events, and at every level of operation. Our team reflects a group of diverse individuals with breadth and depth of experience across the company. 

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Team Access

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Join the Team

Our volunteers and partners help our events flow. They are happy, friendly, and creative thinking people who love to help others, enjoy being around other creatives, and great team players. We take pride in our work and being able to solve problems that make others happy. Most importantly, as a team member, you will represent WeDiscoverGeeks, our partnering companies, and the current event with extreme professionalism. 

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