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Aleksej T. Wilczek



I have had my head in the clouds since I was old enough to start daydreaming. My childhood was filled with role-playing and storytelling. Now, in my adulthood, I have discovered outlets to express my creativity, and through those outlets I have found my people. I belong to one of the most accepting communities of creative individuals and I couldn't be prouder. Whether through writing or crafting, I've discovered there is unlimited freedom in exploring myself through art and fiction. 


I am a deeply accepting person and an advocate for diversity and love. I like to think that it comes through in my crafting and my interactions with the public, other cosplayers, and artists. I think being kind and compassionate are some of the best attributes to cultivate. In regards to my art and writing, I believe that my problem solving skills help me achieve my goals in inventive ways. I particularly enjoy adding a sprinkling of my macabre aesthetic where and when I can.​


Brainstorming with other artists is my greatest inspiration. Sitting down with good friends and building art and discussing the things we love has always pushed me to challenge myself. When it comes to cosplay, I find myself drawn to big and bold characters that are recognizable and fit with my interests. One of the most fulfilling aspects of creating is when people recognize you and their faces light up. It is those small and beautiful moments that encourage me to work harder. 


For the safety of our entertainers and our clients, our cosplayers do not provide information or negotiate contracts outside of the WeDiscoverGeeks agency. You must contact WeDiscoverGeeks to book any cosplayer.

All non-profit charity gigs are FREE!
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