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Paul T. Phillips



I am an IT Professional, cosplayer, and a proud humongous nerd. I enjoy comic books and comic book movies, horror movies, virtual reality (VR), long walks off a short pier, confusing people, losing my train of thought, and... wait, what was I talking about? My sense of humor is very goofy and completely random. Fits in very nicely with my choice of cosplay character. Which is Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. ...I'm kidding.... or am I? :-)


"Unique" is certainly a nice way to put it. LOL! I specialize in Deadpool mashups, meaning I combine Deadpool with other characters. Basically, my concept is what if Deadpool decided to cosplay? :-) I bring a unique fun energy and sense of humor to the character that I think fits really well. Even better, I am able to adapt it as appropriate to be family friendly... not necessarily an easy task as Deadpool. LOL!


I have always been inspired by my fellow cosplayers who have been able to use this kooky hobby to overcome their own personal issues and even become a positive influence for others. I very much try to use that attitude in my cosplay. When I am Deadpool, I want everybody to have a good time and everybody to feel like they are special. If I can help somebody smile and feel good, even it if it just for a little bit, I feel like I've done my job.


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