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Keep updated with our LIVE  Webinars and Virtual Lessons. From Cosplay and Video Games to Mental Health and E-Conventions.  Stay tuned for these upcoming E-vents!

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Video Gaming for Positive Well-Being

Thursday, October 15th 2020 @ 7:00PM EDT


Are you struggling to maintain motivation and social connection during these times of crisis, panic, and social isolation? Trying to find streams to watch, video games to play, shows to replay just to get your mind off all the negativity and endulge yourself into another world? You are not alone. Video games, apps, and streaming can be a POSITIVE coping method when you know the pros and cons.

Video Game StoryWriting 101 (13+)


$15.00 pp

Learn the basics of video game story writing, character design, questing, goals and experience. Developing the protagonist, implementing adult relationships, decisions, and the psychological impacts of story altering decisions. Includes worksheets and gift. 60m

Declutter Your Creative Mind

Saturday, Dec 19th 2020 @ 7:00pm

$12.00 pp

It's hard being a "starving artist". Even harder in a "dog eat dog" creative industry like Art, Writing, Music, Technology and Video Games. Hear our story of strength and perseverance, and learn how to cope and overcome your fears, social phobia, and anxiety so that you can let your creative skills shine more and love yourself better. This mother+daughter presentation is exclusively those who are struggling in their creative venture and lack motivation, inspiration, and emotional setbacks. Join us for a discussion in Artwork, Creative Thinking, Mental Health and how to stay motivated and inspired when life throws you a curve. 60m

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